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Gestational Diabetes

Nothing will for sure prevent gestational diabetes. Certain lifestyle choices can reduce your risk such as moderate exercise, healthy eating, and managing your weight. Your OB/GYN will screen you for gestational diabetes during your pregnancy and monitor you closely if you receive a gestational diabetes diagnosis.

High-Risk Pregnancy

Mothers in a high-risk pregnancy can rest assured that they will receive exceptional care from our Maternal and Fetal Medicine Physician, the only Physician with such credentials in Southwest Oklahoma. Certain genetic conditions present in developing babies such as Down Syndrome or heart, kidney and lung problems deem a pregnancy high risk. Other factors put the mother at risk such as moms under 17 or over 35, drug, tobacco and alcohol usage, obesity, infections, and past history of miscarriages or preterm pregnancies.

Pregnancy Complications

Sometimes conditions occur during pregnancy which then causes complications requiring a higher level of care. Your OB/GYN can help manage these conditions such as ectopic pregnancy (an egg fertilized outside the uterus), twins or multiples, pre-term labor (labor before 37 weeks gestation) and pre-eclampsia (high blood pressure which leads to kidney and organ problems).